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The Most Typical Alcoholism Symptoms

Alcoholism can affect people of all ages, with many cases only being treatable within alcohol rehabilitation centres. These facilities specialise in supporting addicts in a variety of ways, often starting with a simple alcohol dependence test and then following up with full scale alcohol dependence treatment programs.

Recognising the most typical alcoholism symptoms can be one of the more challenging obstacles to overcome; especially if a sufferer is unsure of whether or not they are actually facing an addiction.

Recognising the most typical symptoms

The alcohol dependence scale can range from minor through to moderate, and then to extreme – with the latter being the most serious (often resulting in life threatening symptoms). After extensive study it was discovered that anyone that is exposed to alcohol in any quantity can develop a tendency to suffer with extreme alcoholism and if left untreated, this condition can sometimes be fatal.

Alcoholism treatment centres specialise in identifying the key traits that a dependent might be suffering with. These can include:

  • Mood swings
  • Mental dysfunction
  • Cravings (for alcohol)
  • Anger and aggression
  • Physical deterioration

Unfortunately, many of these symptoms are commonly associated with other ailments and medical conditions (barring the alcohol cravings), so in some instances a case can be misdiagnosed. This is why many medical experts will explore further options when attempting to gauge the severity of a patient’s alcohol addiction.

In some events, a doctor might prescribe medication for alcoholics to stop drinking – but these formulas often contain their own side effects and can often take their own detrimental tolls. There are even certain types of drugs that can be used to fight cravings, in fact medication to curb alcohol cravings are becoming increasingly common when individuals don’t want to cover an alcohol rehab cost.

Other common symptoms

There are some symptoms of alcoholism that can only be understood by performing advanced checks and evaluations; some of which are intrusive in nature. For instance, if an individual that is consuming alcohol regularly finds that they are feeling the need to eat less, then a biopsy might be recommended to gauge the condition of the liver and kidneys.

If damage is present, the symptom will often show itself in one of two ways (and often both). The first will be with a reduced appetite that can go on for weeks. The second is with blood in the urine, which can often occur when alcohol has caused such extensive damage (particularly those with ethyl alcohol contents above 40%), that the lining of the bladder has suffered and blood can be transmitted freely.

In any event it’s advisable to seek the professional support and advice as offered by an alcohol rehab centre. They will often issue medication for alcohol withdrawal that can help with the initial detoxifying period – which can be one of the most painful phases for an addict to experience.

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