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Did you know that on a $300,000 home loan over 25 years, you can expect to pay back the $300,000 and an additional $318,000 in interest!

If you are an Australian who owns your own home, or at least on your way to owning your own home, then congratulations! You are taking the first step in creating a more comfortable future for you and your family – that’s the good news, the bad news is that it will take most Australians almost as long to pay off their home as they spend in the workforce.
f you are still paying off your home when you approach retirement then the chances of retiring at a reasonable age are limited. Your home is your number one asset however, it can be your number one burden and any steps taken early in the repayment cycle to reduce your mortgage will create great long term benefits.

At ABC we can show you how to save THOUSANDS of dollars and many years of repayments off your mortgage. Not only that, if you take a few simple steps, we can show you how to utilise your good work in reducing your mortgage to create an ongoing income stream when you reach retirement!

Find out what the banks are not telling you!!

ABC will expose their methods so that you benefit and start beating the banks – how good would that be?

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