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5 Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine Running Properly

Of all of the white appliances within our homes, there’s no device quite as vital as a washing machine. In a power cut, a fridge will simply decrease in temperature over time, a microwave can be used when the power is back on, and the same would apply to an oven – but when a washer goes, it can often be disastrous for a family with children.

No kitchen appliance will last forever and there will come a time where you might need to give an affordable washing machine repair man a call – but until then, here are five helpful tips to aid in keeping your washer functioning efficiently.

Clear the filter after each use

This might seem like quite a chore to do, but in reality most washing machine faults relate to dust and debris build up. Just a quick disposal of the fluff that builds up during the previous wash can help to prolong the life of a machine by dozens of uses. If you’re unsure of how to remove the dust, if it’s grown out of control, or if you’d simply like an expert’s opinion – get in touch with a professional repair company.

Avoid using cheap cleaning agents

You don’t often need to clean your washing machine with liquid agents, but you will typically need to pour a few hundred millimetres of fabric softener before you switch your load on. These liquids will be flushed out of the drainage system and those that contain poor quality chemicals can promote the effects of rust and decay.

Have your machine serviced often

The best way to keep your machine in tip-top condition is by hiring the services of a professional. They will be able to visit your home, evaluate the condition of your washer and then advise if they spot any discrepancies that may need addressing. Just a quick visit is more than enough to keep a machine operational for years to come – and many home owners opt to have an expert come in at least once or twice a year to keep on top of things.

Avoid mid-cycle shut offs

If there’s one way to guarantee that a clothing washer’s internal components will start to break down, it’s by interrupting power flow when they are in action. The occasional power cut can’t be avoided, but if you make a habit of flicking your machine on and off at the switch before it has had time to properly shut down, you could be doing much more harm than you think.

Don’t overload your machine

Most washers will have a clearly defined weight marked on them and this will typically be in kilograms. Going over by a few hundred grams might not cause a problem, but if you over-stuff your machine, you could end up damaging the bearings and this is a rapid way to put your washer out of business.