The owner of Yamanto Country Markets, John Samios, is no stranger to the A better choice! program. Having already reaped the rewards, he is now the proud owner of the newly created Amazons Family Fresh Markets. The logo features the toucan, found in South America’s tropical forests. The 650 square metre supermarket, which opened at the redeveloped DFO site at Jindalee, offers heaps of fresh fruit and veg and pantry staples.

Led by Amazons Family Fresh Markets general manager Nick Koutsis with over 35 years in retailing, alongside John, the owner and Loren, the senior produce supervisor, Jo the produce manager, Sean, senior team member, and others, is a well-resourced team. Nick says, “Being able to give customers first-class produce at the best possible price so that they can have access to fruit and veg weekly is important”.

Each morning Amazon’s owner, John, selects produce including exotic fruits and vegetables not found in local supermarkets at Amazons Family Fresh Markets, direct from the Brisbane Produce Market. This ensures the fruit and vegies for his customers are fresh, ripe and ready. John and his family have been part of the retail industry for many generations, and as a result, they are passionate about the local product and excellent customer service. The Amazons Family Fresh Markets believe that small business is the backbone of the local community and creates jobs in the local area. They also support local community charities by donating gorgeous fruit baskets.

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