The Retailer - Anderssons Fruit Market

Anderssons Fruit Market is a generational family business. Dan Andersson and his father Kjeld Andersson started this store together. Now as a husband and wife team Dan and Abby take pride in leading an amazing team of locals that are passionate about fresh produce and local community connection. They do things differently by stocking lots of small boutique family produced products, as well as all things fresh out of the Rocklea Markets. Located in rural Queensland Kingaroy, peanut country, we provide for vegans, keto, intolerances, cultural specialities, paleo and anything else you may want to specialise. Why? Because they care about what you care about so you can live longer and happier - creating a community of health & wealth.

Anderssons Fruit Market have been in the industry for over 40 years - "We stay in the industry because we believe in the gift that is the community dollar, supporting local clubs, passions and causes. We also believe that health is wealth and we want to make sure our community has affordable access to what they need to create this easily in their lives."

They have a passion for produce and the families and farms that supply the markets. There is nothing better than families supporting and connecting with other families. Anderssons Fruit Market know how proud those families are to feed Australia and are passionate about sharing that with others. Anderssons Fruit Market are committed to make ensuring their community has affordable access to what they need easily.

Anderssons Fruit Market have supported every club in their immediate community, over many years and further afield in the South Burnett.  "We believe in the “doers” in our community so if you are DOING something Anderssons is only to happy to help. We are currently focused on tradies mental health month and we will be supporting the BBQs for tradies to drop in and catch up with health services. We live and breath our community and we continue to “walk the walk” and lead the way in community connection. We are very proud of the many drives we run in store. Over winter we run as “pay as much as you can” soup kitchen every single day as well as free jumpers for those in need. We are overwhelmed with support from our community every year."

The local community shops locally in support of Anderssons Fruit Market, which in turn allows them to provide employment, opportunities for local artists to display their work, supply many care facilities and restaurants that are also local businesses. "It’s so important for any small community to continue the circle that is so powerful."

Anderssons Fruit Market biggest tip is to “check your plate” a balanced plate will have all the colours of the rainbow. Full of vitamins and minerals. If you look at your plate and it’s all the one colour it’s telling you something.

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