Imanuel has been an independent retailer for what he guesses must be 30 years. But he’s been the owner of the aptly named Goodwood Fresh for over 10 years. Located on Goodwood road, you will find a variety of fresh produce. As well as this, they also stock a range of continental spices, pastas, bread and more. Goodwood Fresh are not just a traditional bricks and mortar retailer, they also have a fully customised online store! Imanuel is happy to work around the needs of his customers, and carefully packs the orders ready for pick up or delivery. Just go and place your order through his website or you can even shoot him a text message and it will arrive within 15 minutes. They also supply fruit and veg boxes, juicing boxes and cheese platters to suit any home or corporate occasion. Whilst you are at the website, take a look at the amazing selection of recipe ideas. There are so many recipes for fruit inspired desserts you wont know where to start. Imanuel also ensures that he is doing what he can to reduce his stores carbon footprint. He supplies customers with biodegradable bags or paper bags and minimises waste through using sustainable products such as chep crates.

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