We are pleased to introduce you to Robert Sayle jnr, and Tyson Nash from Harvest Markets at Booval.  Harvest Markets at Booval specialise in “A Grade” produce bought from the Brisbane Produce Market.  Rob and Tyson look, touch and taste the product before buying for their customers to ensure it’s quality and value. Robert Sayle Snr purchased his first fruit and vege store in Brisbane, Australia in 1974. Rob Sayle Jnr was born into fruit and vege and his nephew Tyson Nash, is now involved in the shop as well. Harvest Markets at Booval proudly has 4 generations of fruiterers in the family. Their current store was purchased in 1981 and has been operating for over 37 years. “We pride ourselves in sourcing seasonal produce from local growers where possible. Fruit that has the best flavour with exceptional eating is most important to us” said Rob Sayle Jnr said. “Nothing is healthier than fresh fruit and veggies. You can be as quick and easy as you like or spend hours in the kitchen and create some wonderful meals and flavours.  A great way for people to get inspiration is to jump online and check out sites like Harvest Markets Booval and A Better Choice, for great recipes and ideas to get the mouth watering and get into their kitchen and whip up their own meals using beautiful, fresh local produce” said Robert Sayle Jnr. Home delivery options available, call the team at Harvest or visit harvestmarkets.com.au for more information.

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