The House of Health is your one stop health store at the Adelaide Central Markets! They have a range of products that include a variety of local organic produce, hand, body and beauty products as well as fine foods. More notably, House of Health provide over 500+ bulk food lines for the health conscious consumer which include grains, beans, lentils and rice through to superfoods like chia, cacao and hemp seeds. Their plant based desert cabinet is always bursting with an amazing selection of vegan raw treats. There is something for everyone featuring keto, gluten free, organic and dairy free options available. The delicious ferrero rocher slice, raspberry lemon cheesecake and the jaffa slice keep mouth watering customers coming back for more! House of Health are incredibly passionate in promoting the movement of banning single use plastic in South Australia. At the beginning of 2020 the store was officially certified as plastic free, becoming only the second business in South Australia. Owners Rob and Chester have employed many ways to eliminate single use plastic including:

  • Encouraging customers to bring in their own reusable containers to refill bulk foods and their essential oils, honey, tahini and more.
  • Providing plastic free alternatives to common place plastic items such as compostable bags, glass bottles and jars.
  • Return systems in place for bulk produce to ensure the stock they receive is plastic free. For example, the suppliers will drop off bulk containers of stock then pick them up to be refilled again.
You will find the shop at stall 73/74 which is sure to be always filled with loyal shoppers that value their environmentally friendly business model. For more details, read this news article on the important example House of Health are setting for other businesses -  

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