The Retailer – Hyde Park Fruit

Arvind has been the owner of Hyde Park Fruit along beautiful King William Road for the past 7 years. If you’ve ever spent some time having a conversation with him, you’ll know that he has such a passion for what he does. As a part of the fruit and veg industry Arvind says that it all comes down to education. Its more important now that ever to teach consumers the benefits of buying fresh, local, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Arvind says that fruits will have a natural sweetness from the tree when you are picking them ripe right here in SA. So, he buys local seasonal produce wherever possible.

You’ll find a lot of vegan friendly restaurants and health conscious cafes in the Hyde Park area. Arvind says to stay in this business you’ve got to tailor the products you sell in store to the needs of the individual customers. Arvind is always conscious of the social trends, so you can be sure that the shelves are stocked with the latest and greatest health foods.

Arvind is always more than happy to show his customers the beautiful flavours of some of his more exotic fruits and veg. He wants to make sure that people can trust the quality, fresh taste of his produce. As well as fruit, veg and health foods you’ll find; cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and even flowers. Making Hyde Park Fruit your one stop shop for those health-conscious individuals.

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