Lamberts Produce are Townsville's largest fresh fruit, vegetable and meat market. Locally sourced produce and meat where you can feed the family in a healthy & affordable way. Looking for inspiration? Follow Lamberts Produce on Facebook for weekly specials and recipes. From humble beginnings over a century ago, Lamberts Fresh Produce has established itself as a leader for excellence in supplying the highest quality foods to Australians. The story of Lamberts Produce begins in Brisbane where the Lambert family started a produce business in 1902. The business soon flourished, causing them to expand into outlying areas. Lamberts Produce in Townsville was opened in 1942 and endures as a market leader today. Lamberts Fresh Produce has long been a part of Townsville. The story of its transition to the fresh produce marketplace that it is today comes from a passion for getting a better deal for both regional shoppers and produce growers and a common vision for establishing a fresh produce market that met these ideals. It’s all about supporting local at Lambert's. Lamberts now proudly employs about 78 staff and sells 30-40 tonne of fresh produce and 25 tonnes of meat a week.

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