The Retailer – Marden Fruit Market

Rocco from Marden Fruit Market is new to owning his own independent retail store, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a wealth of experience. He will be celebrating one year in the Marden Shopping Centre in August 2019, and not so coincidentally, it’s also his birthday!

Rocky was born into the fruit and veg industry, and he is certainly no stranger to the SA Produce Market. Having worked in independent super markets, wholesalers, and the market, Rocky thought the time was ripe (pun intended) to branch out into his very own fruit and veg shop.

There is something for everyone at the Marden Fruit Market, whether you are looking for premium quality, or a bargain price Rocky’s got it in his store. He also runs a monthly raffle where you can win a fruit and veg hamper, and a loyalty system where his regular customers are always rewarded.

Head in store to pick up some of Rocky’s favourite vegetable: broccoli. He says he could eat it all day long, if its cooked correctly. Lightly boiled, fried with garlic, add a couple of eggs, and simmer. Mangoes, custard apples and sweet potatoes are other favourites of his, and he says it’s good to see a little bit of seasonality creeping back in with shopper’s buying habits.

Big things are coming says Rocky, fruit and veg has been his life for as long as he can remember, and his dream is to expand his store and his offerings into a one-stop-shop.

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