*This retailer is offering delivery services during the COVID pandemic*

Alex Zizzo cannot get enough of the fruit and vegetable industry, with 43 years of experience Alex is not only a retailer, but a wholesaler and grower as well. His retail store, Our Gardener’s Market can be found in the Churchill Centre where the bright colours of the store really stand out. Alex has such a vast range of top-quality produce, with the addition of a gorgeous on-site florist.

You’ll find Alex’s very own produce sitting on the shelves in store including; swedes, turnips and beetroots. Throughout the year his cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce and broccoli will also be on the shelf, but of course it depends on the growing season he says.

Favourite’s of this fruit and veg expert are persimmons and eggplants, and if there’s 43 years of experience behind that decision you know Alex must only stock the best. Bananas are always a popular store favourite, but Alex says his customers all seem to really love pomegranates.

What sets Our Gardener’s Market apart from the rest is their ability to react to produce specials. You will find Alex at the SA Produce Market every morning working as a wholesaler but spending some time with the other vendors to find the best quality produce to go into his store. Because he buys fresh every day, you know the fruit and veg on the shelf is going to last.

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