SA Fruit and Veg is a local greengrocer servicing the Torrensville area. It is owned and operated by Mhadi and his business partner Rasoul. The pair bought the store mid 2019 and immediately renamed it from Torrensville Plaza Fruit and Veg to highlight its local roots. After working in Coles, Foodlands and IGA's they understand how important locally grown produce is to South Aussies. Above all their goal is to support smaller growers at the South Australian Produce Market and pass value onto their customers. Seven years ago Mahdi migrated from Afghanistan with a dream to be a business owner in Australia. Thanks to Rasoul he has been able to achieve his goal. Although fresh produce is his passion, Mahdi also studies law and construction. Mahdi says that he would rather work than socialise. He believes in good work ethic and dedication!

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