Origin of Seven Brothers: Seven Brothers was originally opened in O’Connell Street, North Adelaide in 1962 by Steve Zaharis. After opening this store, he moved into the Adelaide Central Markets in the 1970's. Today, Steve's stall is one of the oldest running business's in the market. Being one of Seven Brothers, its easy to see where Steve found his inspiration for the name! Steve has a passion for fresh produce and loves customer service. He has been in the fruit and veg industry for over 57 years and shows no signs of slowing down!

Steve's Early Life: Steve grew up in a small village in Greece surrounded by his six brothers and five sisters. Therefore, he has many fond memories from his childhood which he and his family cherish. Steve and his six brothers learned many skills from his father, including how to build things, while his sisters learned to cook. After a short stint in Athens as a taxi driver, he returned to Australia and opened his stall in the Central Market.

The Central Market: Above all, Steve's stall is his pride and joy. In addition to being a new retailer, Steves English early on was very limited. Hence, starting out at the South Australian Produce Markets was not easy. However, Steve persisted and fostered many relationships with growers based on trust and honesty. He would opt for produce that wasn't perfect in shape or form to achieve cheaper costs. This gave him the iconic nickname 'one dollar Steve' around the market which he certainly embraces. Ultimately, this game him an edge in The Central Markets to offer his customers reduced prices. His strategy proved successful and the price sensitive shoppers of the Markets grew to rely on his smart buying and savvy prices.

Today: Steves son Billy has today taken a more active role in the business. However, Steve still arrives at The South Australian Produce Market early each morning to hand select his produce. Steve shows us that the passion for fresh produce never fades!

Steve often spends afternoons at his shop, talking with customers and keeping an eye on the markets. Being the oldest fruiterer in the markets, he prides himself on his customer service and his knowledge about fresh produce. Furthermore, Steve preaches to customers that taste and flavour are more important than appearance. His passion for sharing this mentality has made him a favourite among the locals and will no doubt see his success continue well into the future.

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