Naji together with his business partner Sam bought St Ives Fruit Market – a community driven fruit and veg store in Goodna Shopping Centre. Built in 2011, the store has gone through some tough times such as Brisbane floods. However, Naji speaks of this time as challenging yet rewarding due to the support he received from the community and his valued customers. They appreciate Naji’s produce knowledge and were keen for him to supply them with fresh fruit and veg.

Families love Naji, his warm, friendly customer service and his passion for the business. Both Naji and Sam visit Brisbane Produce Market 5 days a week to pick the best produce for their customers.

The Fruit Market at St Ives Shopping Centre in Goodna specialises in fresh quality Produce at affordable prices. It specialised in heavy produce items such as pumpkins, potatoes, onions etc. While shopping in-store customers can also take their pick from a large range of dairy and grocery products. Pop in and say hi to Naji, Sam and the team from St Ives Fruit Market at Goodna.

Home delivery options available, call the team at St Ives for more information.

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