The Retailer – The Cove Fruit Basket

You’ll have seen Om and her family in the Hallett Cove Shopping Centre since mid 2019. This is truly a family business to its core with Om employing her two sons outside of school hours. She says she doesn't have to ask for help, the boys aged eight and fourteen love to be in the shop and even miss it when they aren't there. Unlike many parents, Om actually dreads school returning after holiday breaks as she loses her best workers!

As well as a caring family, The Cove Fruit Basket has a lot to offer its customers. There is a huge range of fresh produce throughout the shop as well as a connecting florist. The shop has one other point of difference - Om. She likes to bring her love for life and light into the shop through quotes which enlighten her customers. An example of this is shown below; Om believes that all who read it will attract the first word they see. As all words are positive, she hopes that she can improve the lives of her local customers through the law of attraction. Not only this, but each night music can be heard playing from The Cove Fruit Basket. Om understands that music has healing properties and believes that by playing positive music to the produce, she is infusing positivity into her customers after they've eaten their meals.  

The Cove Fruit Basket truly is a unique retailer here in South Australia - if you're ever in the area, stop past and pay Om a visit. However, if Hallett Cove is too far, you can follow them on Facebook to be enriched from anywhere!

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