The quirky and intimate atmosphere of @The grocer is influenced by manager Kersti. Previously entirely a fruit and vegetable store, Kersti saw an opportunity to revitalise it. As a chef by trade, she noticed that there was a lack of cafes in the area. Hence, this inspired the idea of  blending both a cafe and grocery store together. Just like that, @The Grocer was born and Kersti could not be happier 3 years later.

The store is plentiful with fresh produce which is sourced from the South Australian Produce Markets. The breakfast and lunch menu provides a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for customers. For example, these include pies, burgers/foccacias and their signature pakora stack!

In addition, make sure you follow 'The Grocer' on Facebook and 'thegrocerbridgewater' on Instagram. Kersti and her team keep their customers up to date on the weekly news and exciting new products available.

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