The pantry was created by people who live, breathe and LOVE fresh food and produce. The Pantry on Grey came about when a couple of friends – and passionate foodies – got together and threw out the idea of opening a gourmet store together. The site on Grey Street, South Brisbane became available and The Pantry on Grey was born. Their aim is to make The Pantry on Grey a Brisbane icon – a recognised leader in the industry. Providing exceptional customer service, focusing on customer needs and creating an inspirational and unique shopping experience is what will set us apart. Using the flair and passion we have for local and international foods, we offer a well-stocked, high quality produce pantry with convenience at your fingertips. The produce sold is the same produce used to make our fresh salads, fruit salads and cold pressed juices. At The Pantry on Grey, their aim is to deliver quality and convenience to your busy schedules – leave the fuss to us! The pantry is a one stop pantry that will provide you with innovative, freshly crafted food to your dinner table, business, lunch box, picnic basket or any special occasion. Home delivery options available, call the team at The Pantry or visit for more information.

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