Nick Criticos and the team at Toombul Fruit Market are passionate about fresh, quality produce. Since taking over the store in Toombul Shopping Centre in 2017, Nick has concentrated on providing his customers with the very best produce he can source, making the daily trip to the Brisbane Produce Market himself to select the fruit and vegetables he wants to sell. Nick personally hand picks and tastes all the produce he buys for his store, Toombul Fruit Market. He has great respect for where the produce comes from and the growers who he knows also work hard. Nick says it’s not hard to ‘fall in love’ with the fruit and ‘have respect for the incredible produce nature produces’. Nick has been in the fresh produce industry since he was ten, and his passion has never wavered. As well as a love for quality fresh fruit and vegetables, Nick loves talking to the customers and listening to their stories. Introducing people to exotic fruits such as mangosteen and pomegranate is another joy.  At Toombul Fruit Market, Nick is happy to for you to taste something new to see if you like it. From January to March when pomegranates are not available in Australia, Nick simply sources his from his father who has three pomegranate trees in his backyard, much to the delight of his customers! That’s the personal touch you’ll get when you make A Better Choice and visit Toombul Fruit Market!

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