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This week saw the kick-off of our long-awaited Local Youth Sports Initiative!

This program gives a helping hand to local kids who have had their sporting seasons disrupted.

Our youngest Fruit lovers, these kids have had a tough time, but we want to help them bounce back to be stronger than ever!

With over $25,000 in Sponsorships and $7000 Runners Up Awards to be allocated, there is no better time than to put your local club, team, or individual up for nomination. It doesn’t matter if your sport is on wheels, hooves or skiis, we understand just like quality produce, sports come in all wonderful shapes and sizes.

This initiative is a joint effort by ‘a better choice!’ and Fruit & Veg shops all over Australia.

Over 572 stores from different postcodes, corners and communities have shown up for their little athletes and are ready to help connect their community with much-needed sports funding.

The Little Guys helping the little guys, as it should be!

Say hello to sponsorship, spring and supporting local by popping into your local Fruit & Veg shop today and waving hello to your biggest supporters!

Check out this great photo from Farm Fresh Market- Murray Bridge and three of their nominated sports teams.

You can get the ball rolling by sharing the initiative with your clubs for more chances to scoop up a scholarship!

What are you waiting for? Go go go!



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