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What is the Blend?

Mushrooms + Mince = The Blend is an easy cooking technique, perfect for anyone wanting to reduce meat, without giving up the meaty dishes they know and love. A mushroom and mince blend works well with any minced meat recipe; spaghettilasagnetacosmeatloaf and more – all you need to do is take whole, fresh mushrooms, finely dice them and substitute some mince for mushrooms. It’s a straight ingredient switch! So there’s no need to learn new recipes.

Adding the mighty mushroom to mince creates the perfect umami blend which ENHANCES the meaty flavour of dishes, and makes meals more delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.

Do better for you and the planet too, without giving up meaty dishes you know and love. Just make room for mushrooms!

Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson explains how to add the mighty mushroom to minced meat meals to make them not only healthier but tastier too. It’s as easy as chop, blend and cook!




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