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Carve your Spooky Fruit this Halloween and help our farmers!


  Food waste is scary, so let’s make Pineapples the “Spooky Fruit” this season!


This Halloween season, show up and carve out some space in your hearts for our favourite Pineapple farmers. Your Fruit & Veg shop is full of beautiful, fresh, and locally grown produce perfectly picked for you!

However, there is a sad side to the surplus.

With Covid-cancellations, our perfect Pineapples Producers have found themselves with surplus supply. Fruit otherwise intended for holiday visitors, cruises and restaurants use have been left behind as demand decreases. With the average Pineapple taking two years to grow to juicy perfection, Farmers couldn’t forecast another summer inside.

Currently, Pineapple producers are seeing a return profit that is lower than production costs. This means that just by producing their perfect Pines, our farmers are losing money, how tough is that?

Coming off five years of drought, these farmers have been hit again with surplus supply that simply has to home to go to (hint: this is where we can help!).

Australian Pineapples Chairman, Sam Pike, is asking us to make Pineapples the #SpookyFruit this season! No matter how you like your Pineapple, pick one up today to show up at your local Fruit & Veg shop to show your support for your favourite farmers.

So whether you like them grilled, chilled, sliced, diced, pizza-ed or pureed, there is a recipe on our website ready to raid.

Check out this great video of chairman, Sam Pike, showing you and the kids how to carve out a Pineapple for this spooky season.


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