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After widespread wet weather throughout winter impacted strawberry pricing and availability around Australia, Victorian strawberry season has finally arrived. Whilst it hasn’t been without its challenges due to rain and labour issues, local consumers can have faith in knowing that Victorian Strawberries are now eating well and in good supply and quality.

Victorian strawberry season runs from November through to May, with close to 100 strawberry farms across the State, ranging from Portland in the South West to Wodonga in the North East. However, 75% of these farms are still located within the Yarra Valley, the same region where strawberries were first grown in Victoria by migrant families in the 1950s. Today, Victorian Farmers plant over 27 million strawberry plants, producing over 100 million punnets per season. Victorian Strawberries are enjoyed all across Australia and are known to be some of the best quality berries available.


Local strawberry grower Rick D’Angelo from R & L D’Angelo in Coldstream shared his experience working through the last few turbulent years. “We have never experienced anything like this. Whilst labour was a problem last year, in 2022, the labour shortage has remained, and the rain has proven even more of a challenge”, said Rick. Heavy rainfall creates additional labour-intensive work, as growers work harder to protect the fruit from damage by getting rain covers on and off berries. Once picked, additional time is needed to sort through the fruit to ensure that only the best quality strawberries are packaged.

Whilst there have been challenges this season, the good news for consumers is that the Victorian strawberries making their way to stores are beautiful and eating deliciously, and Rick agrees, “the fruit quality is still great”.

To support local growers like Rick, as well as the community as a whole, consumers can help by simply shopping locally. “It’s really important to support local greengrocers, and even butchers and bakeries for that matter, to keep the local communities alive. Plus, when shopping at local fruit and veg shops, you’re not only supporting smaller growers, but you can be assured that fruit can be picked one day, and into your hands the next day”, says Rick.

Pick up a punnet of delicious, in-season Victorian strawberries at your local ‘A better choice!’ fruit and veg shop today.

To find out more about Victorian Strawberries, visit www.vicstrawberries.com.au


This article is provided by Victorian Strawberries.


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