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It is no secret that fresh is best. Whether it be your fruit and veg, or other loved ingredients, they always taste a lot better when bought fresh or harvested yourself. Have you ever thought about making your own honey? There are many benefits to having your own bee hut. Having access to your own honey may be the sweetest of them all, but we are here to shine the light on a few more.

1. Save money
Honey can be quite expensive, but doesn’t have to be. Having your own bee hut means never having to buy honey again!

2. Help your veggie patch grow!
Many of the vegetables we eat are pollinated by bees. This means that having your own bee hut will in turn help you get the freshest fruit and veg from your own backyard.

3. Beeswax
There are some awesome uses for beeswax, including candles, lip balms, hair products and even soaps. They’re all super easy to make, and will help you save money on buying these everyday items too!

4. Honey, of course!
As mentioned, you will have access to your own honey whenever you want it. Honey Is such a versatile food that can be used in cooking and many different products, making it an asset around the home!

Bees are pretty easy to take care of, and a great way to save (and make!) some money. Why not look into creating your own bee hut?

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