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We all know that fruit and vegetables are great fuel for our bodies, but did you know that they’re also great for our mental health as well?

From reducing depression and anxiety to enhancing our memory and cognitive function, the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables are endless. Looking after our mental health is particularly important during the current COVID-19 health crisis so there is no better time than now to incorporate a little rainbow into your diet with delicious, locally grown produce.

Read on to find out how consuming fruit and vegetables can benefit your mental wellbeing.

Reduces depression

Many studies have shown that eating fruit and vegetables help to reduce depression. It’s no secret that when we eat well, we feel well which is due to the essential nutrients found in fruit and veg that nourish both our body and mind, leaving us feeling healthier and happier. The nutrients found in fruit and veg have a positive impact on our brain chemistry, which in turn influences our mood, memory and cognitive abilities.

Lowers your chance of having an anxiety disorder

Similar to its depression reducing capabilities, a diet high in fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. A recent study from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging showed that those who consumed less than three sources of fruit and vegetables a day, had a 24% increased chance of developing an anxiety disorder. This has been linked to evidence suggesting that a higher intake of fruit and vegetables, leads to a lower body fat composition and in turn reduced inflammation in the body which can be linked to anxiety disorders.

While all fruit and vegetables are great for a healthy mind and body, there are some that are better than others for your mental wellbeing. Carrots, bananas, spinach (or other dark leafy greens), grapefruit, lettuce, citrus fruits, fresh berries, cucumber, and kiwifruit are must-haves in your diet along with raw celery, cabbage, red onion, tomato, and mushrooms. Team these fruit and vegetables with a balanced diet of good fats, protein and complex carbohydrates so your body and mind can perform at their best!

Are you looking for inspiring new ways to add fruit and veg to your diet? Head to our recipes page to browse our wide selection of recipes ready for you to create today!

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