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Hass or maluma, the key to picking a perfect avocado is a skill that requires a refined approach. A variety of colours ranging from deep purple to almost a black hue when ripened, the test for ripeness can differ depending on the type of avocado.

Here are a few tips to make your decision easier when choosing the perfect avocado:

Step 1: Colour

When comparing ripeness of a Hass avocado, it’s important to check the outside skin colour for a deep purple tinge to the skin. This indicates the avocado is at ‘breaking’ stage and ready to be eaten within one to two days. Green varieties of avocadoes generally do not differ in colour too much and ripeness will often depend on how firm the avocado feels to touch.

Step 2: Feel

The texture of the avocado should indicate a slightly pebbled layer with no indents to the skin. If the avocado is quite deformed in shape, this could mean there is bruising on the inside. An avocado that is ready to ripen in the next one to two days should be quite firm to touch with a purple colour all over the skin.

Step 3: Squeeze

To ensure the avocado is creamy and ripe on the inside, gently squeeze the top of the avocado stem to see if it is relatively soft, but still a tad firm. Overripe avocadoes will feel mushy to touch and may have brown flesh on the inside. Avocadoes that are perfect for eating will be soft and yields to gentle pressure at the stem.

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