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We all know that no kitchen is complete without delicious herbs like thyme, rosemary and mint to add into our favourite meals, however many of us struggle to know how and where to store these herbs the best way for optimal freshness.

Whether you choose fresh, or dried herbs (or both), storing them correctly will ensure maximum longevity and taste so you can add that much wanted flavour into your dishes for meals to come.

Read on below for our top tips for storing fresh and dry herbs.

Fresh herbs

Keep them in the fridge!

You heard it! Soft herbs like parsley and basil should be stored like flowers in a jar of water and in the fridge where possible. Try covering them with a loose plastic bag to help the herbs retain their moisture and keep the leaves from browning.

Don’t wash soft herbs

We’d suggest not washing these herbs until you are about to use them as it adds unwanted moisture (and wastes time!)

Replace the water

Ensure you check and replace the water every few days as needed, and your fresh herbs will be fine to use for up to 4 weeks (unless the leaves start to turn yellow or go limp).

Wash, dry and wrap your hard herbs

 For hard herbs like rosemary or thyme, clean and dry these well and then wrap them up in a slightly damp piece of paper towel. Once wrapped, put into a plastic bag with a few holes and they will keep for 1–2 weeks!

Dry herbs

Keep them airtight

 Dry herbs are great for sprinkling onto roasted vegetables, in sauces or on top of your favourite meat. The trick to keeping these dried herbs as fresh as possible is to keep them in an airtight container. Where possible, avoid plastic containers. Instead, opt for a glass jar or metal tin with a screw top lid.

Store away from sunlight

Another key tip for storing your dried herbs is to keep them away from sunlight in a cool and dry location. Dark coloured jars are a great option to help block out any potential light and keep your herbs as fresh as possible.

Now you know how to store your favourite herbs,  here are a few of our favourite herbs and their many health benefits to inspire you to add them into your next meal.

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