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To celebrate Plastic Free July, we are sharing our top tips on how to reduce your plastic matter around your home! Don’t be too hard on yourself though, avoiding plastic is incredibly difficult – we’re just all trying to do our best!

Here are best, and easiest tips to help you reduce plastic waste around your home!

1. BYO Bags

Now that most supermarkets have bid goodbye to plastic bags, it’s important we’re bringing our own bags! But that also goes for fresh produce! You can buy reusable produce bags, so you don’t need to use the soft plastic bags supplied. It also means you won’t have an influx of plastic bags lying around your house either!

2. Swap out cling wrap for reusable containers

It’s always easier to just cover up a bowl of leftovers with cling wrap, but instead, put the food into a reusable container! What’s a little bit of extra cleaning when it comes to saving the planet! It also makes it easier to take your leftovers with you to work the next day – which also means saving money!

3. Reusable coffee cups

If you’re like us, it’s hard to get through a day without a coffee. And it may just be one a day, or three a week, or even one a MONTH, but that one a month can really add up when you think about the amount of plastic, Styrofoam, and cardboard rubbish that is a takeaway coffee cup. There are so many different reusable coffee cups on the market – it’s just a matter of choosing the design and materials you like best! As an added bonus, most cafes offer a discount on your coffee order if you bring along your reusable coffee cup!

4. Use reusable water bottles

When you’re out and about, it’s very easy to buy a plastic water bottle. It’s convenient, and easier to just throw it out instead of carrying it around. However, plastic drink bottles are incredibly bad for the environment. Instead, have a drink bottle in your car or your bag at all times. You may be surprised by how much money you save with a reusable bottle in your posession!

We hope these tips will help you this Plastic Free July. It doesn’t need to be hard or scary. Just a few little changes can make such a huge difference! Good luck!

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