A Better Choice For Freshness

There is something unique about walking around your large local markets that is so much more special than walking around your local shopping centre. The fresh air, the friendly people, the good quality produce – there’s truly nothing better!

There are countless reasons to support your local markets and here are just a few:

1. Taste real flavours

All the fruit and veg from markets are certifiably fresh and grown locally, meaning you’re getting the best possible produce available. This also means that the farmers and sellers aren’t travelling long distances and no chemicals are used in the growing process. It definitely pays to shop local!

  1. Seasonal produce

Markets stock all the best seasonal produce, which means you’ll be first in line for your favourite seasonal produce – hello big, beautiful mangoes and juicy watermelons in summer!

  1. Support local farmers and businesses

There is nothing more important that supporting local businesses and families, especially during the current climate! Markets thrive off local businesses contributing their services – whether that be food, arts and crafts, clothing etc. That’s the beauty of markets – they really are a one stop shop!

  1. Know where your food comes from

There’s something extremely comforting about knowing where your food is coming from! Meeting the people, knowing the town it’s coming from and learning more about the growing process is always a great way to know what you’re eating is the freshest and best produce you can buy.

  1. Positive environmental impacts

Shopping locally has such positive effects on the environment. You reduce your travel time, which has a positive effect on reducing pollution and unnecessary packaging, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good environmental footprint.

What’s your local market? The Queen Vic Market, Paddy’s Market, Fremantle Market? There’s many dotted throughout our wonderful country so be sure to visit them when you get a chance!

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