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Apples are apples, right? So what makes our farmers so excited to grow this new little variety? Well, we think the Missile® apple is unique, and (almost) perfect…


Firstly, the Missile® apple is small, really more akin to the size of a mandarin or kiwifruit than some of the apple varieties we find familiar. That cute little round size makes it a perfect serving size for many. Kids love it, obviously, but it’s also great for “kids of all ages” just looking for a healthy and delicious, not-too-big snack.

Secondly, the Missile® apple is delicious… we think so, and everyone we share it with tells us so as well. It’s fresh-crunchy, perfectly juicy, and the flavour is just sweet enough, and just refreshing enough, to make you want to devour every bite right down to the core (and, more about that core in a minute).

Thirdly, Missile® is perfection, meaning that every Missile® apple consistently delivers the same (delightful!) taste profile. Our growers have brought generations of experience, skills and talents to ensure that the quality of Missile® remains consistently high throughout the entire crop, and all that delicious Appley Missile® goodness travels to you fully protected inside that particularly firm and crunchy, red-red skin. That means Missile® apples always arrive both looking and tasting great. Floury apples are a thing of the past!

Want more? Well, Missile® apples have uniquely small cores, which means no waste, but also happier eaters because you’re going to want to nibble down to every last bite, every time. Also, Missile® apples tend not to brown when cut or bitten (which is great but admittedly it’s hard to resist eating the whole thing once you start). And, you already know, they’re 100% natural, wholly local, Australian-grown fruit. So, that’s all great, right?

Then, what stops us from claiming fruit perfection for Missile®? Well, we can only grow so many Missile® apples each season, and, when they’re gone, they’re gone until next time.


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