Located conveniently at DFO Jindalee, the spacious 650 square metre Amazon Fresh Market offers customers a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and pantry staples. Owner Linh, is a veteran of the retail industry, and as such is passionate about providing excellent customer service and delicious local products. Sourcing her produce from the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, Linh ensures that customers are receiving both a wide range of exotic and staple fruit and vegetables, but also the very highest quality and freshness fruit and vegetables. This close knit team provide also locals with the finest gourmet treats, groceries, cooked chickens and other items to meet their customer's changing tastes and needs . Whether you’re preparing for a traditional Sunday roast or looking for fresh fruit and vegies to pop in the kid’s lunchboxes, you’ll find everything you need at Amazon Fresh Market. The Amazons Fresh Market team believes that small businesses are the backbone of the local community and they create jobs in the local area. You can see the beautiful store for yourself or follow their news and specials on their Facebook page.  

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