Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Markets is a family-owned business on the corner of Stewart's Road and Harry Street. It is home to wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables, with the added convenience of stocking a wide range of delicatessan lines, artisan breads, mature plants and bouquets of colourful, delicate flowers. Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market has aisles of delicious fruit items (including apples, oranges, and bananas) for snacks and lunches. They sit comfortably alongside the slightly more exotic fruits like tomatillo, (a Mexican husk tomato), jack fruit, oca yams, pomegranates and dragon fruit. The staff of the Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market are helpful and friendly and can be seen regularly packing and stocking the shelves with more and more fruit. The shop has the feeling of an old school green grocer and at the same time like a European deli. Perfect for parties, family events or just a bit of self-indulgence, the market's fridges stock a range of imported cheeses, pressed meats and smooth olives and other delicious dried deli items (like biscuits and dried fruits) that are usually only seen in specialist import shops. The organic eggs are a local favorite. On a hot day, you can also grab a refreshing, fresh pressed juice. If all of this is not enough, Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market also stock potted herbs, fruit plants (like dragon fruit), fresh cut bouquets of colourful flowers and large indoor plants. With a trolley full of goodies, parking is available at the back of the shop.

Home delivery options available, call the team at Ashgrove for more information.

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