The Retailer – Wrights Fruit Shop Wrights Fruit Shop has been a family-owned business for 41 years, and it’s still a family-owned business today; only the new owners, Michael and his partner Kristy, are new to the produce industry and excited to bring their passion for healthy eating to the popular fruit and vegetable shop. “Our first meeting with Jackie, the previous owner of Wrights Fruit Shop, was so inspiring,” says Michael. “Seeing her passion for the business her family had created gave us even more motivation to continue Wrights as a family-owned and operated business. We intend to specialise in friendly customer service and providing fresh local produce to the community.” With two young children who both attend school on Bribie Island, Michael and Kirsty are already thinking about ways to give back to their local community and share their passion for fantastic produce. They hope to attend school sports days, school fates and charity events and hand out fresh fruit to the kids, and have also been talking about giving presentations in the local schools to talk about fresh fruit and all its benefits with as many kids as possible. Although they’re fairly new to the business, Michael and Kirsty have already learned plenty about why independent fruit and vegetable stores are A Better Choice than buying your produce from supermarkets. “It’s important to know exactly what you’re eating, how old it is, and whether it’s been sitting in an airtight room for months,” says Michael. “When people shop for local produce, they know the product is much fresher and better for you.” Michael and Kelly also hope customers understand the benefits to the community when they shop at local independent retailers. “By supporting your local shop you’re not only helping the shop, but you are also helping the local people who work hard in that shop. We all need to work and support each other to help the community grow,” Michael says.

Home delivery options available, call the team at Wrights Bribie for more information.

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