When father-and-son team Sam and Chris took over the 30-year-old Crispy Carrot store in Mt Gravatt three years ago, it would have been understandable if some customers worried that the newcomers wouldn’t have the same experience as the previous owners – but it quickly became evident they had nothing to worry about. Dad Sam first entered the fruit and vegetable business in 1999, buying his first store in Toowong so he could supply better fruit and veg to the local community. Son Chris joined the family business five years ago, seeing the perfect opportunity to work in a healthy environment that rewarded his passion for people. Taking over the Crispy Carrot seemed like a perfect project for this family team. Both father and son love sharing their extensive knowledge with customers and giving advice on the best buys available in the store, and they always go the extra mile to make sure customers walk out of the Crispy Carrot happy. This includes cutting watermelon and pineapple on-demand, so customers don’t have to test their knife skills at home! It’s not just people that Chris (and his dad) are passionate about – it’s great produce! The store now specialises in quality premium fruit and vegetables sourced daily from the Brisbane Produce Markets. Even so, both father and son know that their dedication to bringing their customers the best in seasonal, locally-grown produce has knock-on benefits for the community – supporting local family businesses which in turn support Australian farmers. It turns out you can have a passion for top-quality fruit and vegetables, a healthy lifestyle, and supporting the local community and Australia’s farmers at the same time – and it helps when you’re a family business with a wealth of experience to offer your customers. If you'd like to know more about the team at Crispy Carrot, give them a call or watch their video profile here.

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