Some people develop a love for the produce industry over time, while others are introduced to it at a young age. Ben Donnelly is a second-generation retailer who started working in his father’s fruit shop when he was just fifteen years old. Conveniently located in Toowoomba's Wyalla Plaza Shopping Centre, Donnelly's Fresh Fruit and Veg is open seven days a week, offering easy access and ample parking for customers.

Whether you need pre-cut and packaged fruits and vegetables for a quick and convenient option or the freshest whole produce of the season, Donnelly’s Fresh Fruit and Veg in Toowoomba has you covered. They source their produce from the Brisbane Produce Market, selecting each item with great care to ensure optimal taste and freshness.

At Donnelly’s, you'll always find a wide variety to choose from, whether you're packing your little one’s snack box or preparing for a grand dinner. Donnelly’s Fruit and Veg is renowned for its warm customer service and its significant role in the local community. Stop by and say hi to Ben, Katie, and the team at Donnelly’s Fresh Fruit and Veg.

For more convenience, home delivery options are available. Call the team at Donnelly's or visit their website,, for more information.

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