In 2017, Restaurateur Joep Dekker added another arm to his business when he joined his partner working at the local fresh produce store Fraser Coast Fresh Produce in Hervey Bay. Joep is the owner of award-winning local restaurant The Wild Lotus Restaurant and Bar, and therefore has a keen understanding of the importance of fresh, seasonal produce. Joep now supplies both his restaurant and his A better choice! customers with the freshest, highest quality produce available. Customer reviews on Fraser Coast Fresh Produce’s Facebook page consistently mention the friendly, polite staff, great prices and convenient location. Many customers who came for a single shopping expedition are now regular weekly, or even daily shoppers. Yes, the quality and service really are that good! Joep loves running Fraser Coast Fresh Produce almost as much as running his restaurant. He enjoys talking to the customers and stocking unusual produce that you won’t find in a large supermarket, such as longons, quinces and custard apples. Find out what all Fraser Coast’s Fresh Produce store customers love about this local icon and what you’re missing. Whether you’re a local or passing through, don’t miss the chance to make A Better Choice and visit Fraser Coast Produce soon! Home delivery options available, call the team at Fraser Coast or visit for more information.

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