Fruitabella Ingle Farm is one half of the Fruitabella Family. The other, is located in Marden where it has been for 20 years! Phil owns both stores and only recently purchased his Ingle Farm location. In less than 6 months he has grown this store into a quality shop with a stellar reputation with the locals. Phil's original passion was in computing and financing of which he has a degree in. However, his love fresh produce came from his father-in-law. As his own parents owned restaurants he had experience in small family businesses. When he had the chance to manage Fruitabella, he jumped at the opportunity. Each morning Phil visits the South Australian Produce Market at 4am and buys local produce for his stores. Visit Phil and his team at either of his locations and follow them on Facebook to keep up-to-date!  Fruitabella Ingle Farm  Fruitabella 

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