Helensvale Discount Fruit Barn is a family-owned and operated business with years of experience and knowledge of the farming and produce industry. They offer a diverse selection of fresh produce, multicultural grocery products, fresh meat, cold meat, cheeses, gourmet dips, yogurt, olives, frozen goods, and fresh coffee beans ground to your preference.

Committed to providing customers with the best produce at the best prices, owner Col personally visits the Brisbane Produce Markets every morning to carefully handpick the finest produce on the day. In addition, Helensvale Discount Fruit Barn stocks quite a unique range of fruits and vegetables that you won't find at your typical supermarket.

Beyond produce, their extensive product lineup includes fresh meat and cold cuts, cheeses, gourmet dips, yogurt, olives, and frozen goods. They even cater to coffee lovers with freshly ground coffee beans tailored to your liking.

With years of expertise and dedication to quality, Helensvale Discount Fruit Barn ensures a shopping experience that combines great value with outstanding customer service. For the latest updates and specials, visit their Facebook page.

Stop by the store today and meet the friendly team at Helensvale Discount Fruit Barn!

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