Joseph Guardala and Rob Camuglia knew they were in for a challenge when they opened Indooroopilly Fruit – the specialty fruit and vegetable store is located between two giant supermarkets, where customers could easily buy their fruit and vegetables at the same time as the rest of the items on their shopping list. Add the fact Joseph was only 19 years old when Indooroopilly Fruit opened its doors, and you might expect this to be a David-and-Goliath story that didn’t work out for the little guy – but Indooroopilly Fruit is thriving, thanks to only buying the best fruit and vegetables, taking time in the Brisbane Markets every morning to taste every item to ensure their products are the best quality available, all day and every day. It’s a recipe for success that has customers queuing up to buy their fresh fruit and vegetables from this local independent retailer instead of the supermarket giants – and, based on their online feedback (‘better and fresher than the supermarkets,’ ‘best fruit and veg around,’ ‘often cheaper than the grocery stores’), it’s a formula that’s working. For a family business that lives and breathes fruit and vegetables, ensuring the taste, quality, and family feel when people walk into the shop are essential – as is maintaining the consistency of the products and value they offer. After all, if standards slipped, plenty of shoppers might go back to the big stores – but Indooroopilly Fruit is determined never to let that happen. The store also supports local schools and clubs with donations, gift cards and fruit baskets for raffles and fundraising options – grateful to the local community that took a chance with their store, fell in love with the top-quality fresh produce, free taste-testers and amazing customer service, and decided it was definitely worth another stop to cross their fruit and vegetables off the shopping list at a proud local independent small business.  

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