Kenmore Fresh is an independently owned fruit and vegetable store located at Kenmore Village in Brisbane’s west, where you’ll find a focus on fresh, quality produce.

Due to the wide variety of products offered, Kenmore Fresh is the go to place for young families as well as more mature shoppers. They also stock a wide range of delicious gourmet items that can be found on their well-stocked shelves. But whatever your age or circumstances, you’ll be making A better choice! if you shop at Kenmore Fresh. The locals love it and you will too!

Kenmore Fresh is deeply involved with its customers and the community, regularly participating in giveaways and engaging closely with the locals. They pride themselves on their service and relationships with their customers, making sure everyone feels welcome and valued.

By supporting Kenmore Fresh, you are not only getting top-quality produce but also contributing to a business that takes care of their community. Visit them today to experience the difference, and don't forget to follow their news and updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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