The Leaf Story

Founded in 2007, the team at Leaf is dedicated to providing you with high-quality ingredients so that you can create and enjoy culinary delights in your home with your family and loved ones.

Leaf is proud to employ so many staff from many corners of the food industry and beyond. They are a father and son team, siblings, and other members of their team who have been with them for so long, they are practically family. When you get to know Leaf, this is one of the things you will notice. A feeling of community and family like no other.

The Leaf Difference

At Leaf they believe in keeping food as close to the source as possible. Real food, from the earth. Their passion extends to building relationships with wholesalers and producers to understand their products, supply, farming practices and challenges.

Leaf prides itself to understand how they can do their part in the process to support the grower, bring the freshest and highest quality food to their customers and reduce waste and packaging as often as possible.

Leaf is unique, when they stumble across an unusual vegetable, dirty bunch of beetroot or “ugly” carrots, they don’t send them back, they put them front and centre! Celebrate real food in all its glory, nourish mind and body with the best produce available.

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