A small, family-owned and operated business, the Louis Fruit Market in Booval, Ipswich has been serving the local community since 1992. The family – Louie, Marie, Tracey and Danielle – are proud to support local growers by providing their fresh produce to the local community. Each morning for the past 30 years, Louie has been hand-selecting the fruits and vegetables to stock the Louis Fruit Market from the Brisbane Produce Market. They love that their local business not only provides their community with fresh, quality produce but that they are also supporting the backbone of our country – Australia’s growers and farmers. Of course, Louie and his family could also be described as ‘backbones’ in their local community. They know everything about the Australian produce industry and enjoy sharing this not only with their customers but also their children and grandchildren. Louie is particularly a fan of encouraging kids to try juices and smoothies – especially when they’re fussy eaters. He knows you can pack them full of fruits andveggies, and they are simple to make for time-starved parents. He’s also a big supporter of adding more colour to your plate as a simple way to make sure you’re making healthier choices for your family. The store proudly supports many local schools, the National Seniors Association, and other local charities, and has recently started donating to farmers struggling in the drought by delivering fruit and vegetable scraps that can be fed to their cattle and other farm animals. Louie would like more shoppers to understand that local growers face constant challenges with changing weather conditions and economic downturns, and struggle to survive in one of the most concentrated food retail sectors in the world, dominated by the big supermarkets. Buy buying from local fruit and vegetable shops, you strengthen the independent grocery sector and provide growers with more bargaining power to make a livable income from their efforts – and you also help employ local members of the community. That’s definitely A Better Choice! If you'd like to get to know the team, pop in store or take a look at their video profile here.

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