The Murgon Fruit Mart has been serving the local area around Murgon for around 30 years, with Paul Brunjes as the owner for half that time. Paul started work as a casual in the store 17 years ago, then bought the store two years later. Now Paul, Gail, Courtnie, Kheli and Buddy work together as the core team that keeps the store up and running and help to fulfil Paul’s mission to provide fresh, quality produce to the town of Murgon at the best possible prices. Paul sources all his fruits and vegetables from the Brisbane Markets and rotates all his stock daily to ensure his freshness, quality, and service is the best it can be on a day-to-day basis within his store. The Murgon Fruit Mart is also heavily involved in local community activities. Paul supplies the two hotels in town with all their fresh produce. He also supports the local cricket and football teams when they request fruit trays. Whenever Paul receives a request from the local community, he is happy to supply fruit and veg trays to enhance community events or fundraising efforts. He is also involved in raising funds for the Care Flight Program each year. Paul constantly strives to provide the best quality and prices in town. As the only independent fruit and vegetable store in Murgon, Paul believes that if his store was not in town, the cost of fresh produce at the local supermarket would be much higher. That’s why he and his team never take their customers for granted – they know that without the support of the local community, the Murgon Fruit Mart could not continue to thrive and precious local jobs (and the Mart’s donations and support for community events) would be lost. And not only that – eating healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables would become more expensive and less accessible for the Murgon community Paul loves so much.

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