The Schinella's story begins in the 1940's with Uncle Sam’s store (The Fruit Palace) in Broken Hill. This SA family business came from humble beginnings and flourished with the direction of Joe, Ralph and Sam. The brothers had grown up working in their father’s store (The South Fruit Market) and had years of his teachings guiding their new business. In 1985 the Schinella’s family migrated to Adelaide bringing with them generations of knowledge, a strong work ethic and a love of fresh food. In order to grow their presence in the fresh produce industry they joined two other families, Tony and Mark Capobianco and Frank and Mick Labbozzetta. Together they created the Adelaide Fresh Fruiterers chain we all know and love. Now, years later the love for family has inspired the Schinella brothers to go back to where they began. This is where their new brand — Schinella’s Your Local Market has been brought into life. The store is located on the busy Adelaide road of Prospect. It caters to everything you could need from meats, bread and even fresh flowers. The shop is immaculately maintained and always filled with happy customers. Stop by to enjoy the Schinella's experience for yourself or follow them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep up-to-date.

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