The Retailer – Scutti Fresh Markets Applecross Scutti Fresh Markets Applecross began trading in May 2016. It all began when Domenic Scutti and his wife Lucy entered the retail trade in 1975, starting a fruit and vegetable business in Greenwood Village shopping centre. After many years, Domenic and Lucy decided it was time to move on and established their new Applecross store, where they expanded with the help of their sons into continental small goods, worldwide cheese, gourmet groceries, freshly baked bread and nuts. The store also offers meat, seafood and poultry, making it a perfect spot to get all your shopping done in one place. Their passionate and dedicated sons together with skills and traditions learnt from their parents and moved into a new premise on the corner of Riseley Street and Canning Highway known as Scutti Fresh Markets Applecross. In their new business, the Scutti family are continuing the highest standards of freshness, quality produce and the friendly customer service making Scutti Fresh Markets Applecross your one-stop-shop. Customers praise the ample selection of cheeses, the many varieties of nuts, the selection of hard-to-find gourmet items and the warm and friendly staff, who use their knowledge and experience of the products in-store to help customers make good choices and be adventurous by trying something new – you never know what delicacy you’ll fall in love with next at Scutti Fresh Markets Applecross!

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