Singh's Fresh Fruit and Veges is a family owned, local, independent fresh fruit and vegetable shop. Operating for over 15 years, Singh's is located in the picturesque northern NSW town of Murwillumbah.

After emigrating from India, the family began their journey in fresh produce as banana growers, in particular lady finger and cavendish varieties, and their passion for providing fresh fruit and vegetables grew from there. They believe it is important to shop local and support independent retailers as it encourages a good work ethic which makes a community strong.

Singh's Fresh Fruit and Veges are active in enriching and giving back to their local community. They support a number of local pubs, clubs and schools as well as community events by providing fresh produce and vouchers for raffles, donations and participate in fundraising.

By buying directly from the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, Singh's not only can guarantee they are sourcing the best and freshest produce, but that it is also supporting local growers.  Singh's Fresh Fruit and Veges also stock an array of Indian spices, lentils, beans and chapati flour alongside delicious, frozen Indian food.

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