Skippy’s Farmhouse is a local family-owned and operated business founded in 2020 by Sam Eletri & Chris Tonks-Foote. Sam and Chris have been friends for many years. After opening their first joint venture, Skippy’s Fresh Frootz at Victoria Point in 2018, they saw an opportunity to expand the brand & so they opened an exciting new business together - Skippy's Farmhouse at Australia Fair Shopping Centre, Southport. The key people at the store include dedicated staff & in particular, Manager’s Nick & Rhea who both bring a wealth of various produce industry experience to Skippys. Skippy’s, the brand, was dreamt up by Chris and Sam after agreeing that the name needed to stand out from the crowd and mean something to them. ‘Skippy’ is Sam’s nickname for Chris and Habibi is Chris’ nickname for Sam. Habibi meaning dear friend in Lebanese, which is Sam’s heritage & Skippy being as Aussie you can get and a colloquial Lebanese nickname for Anglo background Aussies in general. The farmhouse was the concept, they wanted to share with their customers, reminding them where the fresh produce comes from, paddock to plate as such. Skippys strive to supply the best freshest produce, delicious deli and speciality products all at competitive prices. We have weekly specials and incentives to look out for and aim to provide the quality and variety that customers come to expect. At Skippys, customers are reminded that "Your health is our pleasure".

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