Come in store and meet Peter. Peter has upheld the family tradition and worked full-time in the shop, just like his parents. Superior Fruit has had many family members join in for the ride, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends. The shop has been a place of work experience for many locals in the area and not only that, it can boast being one of the few shops where generations of family have shopped – grandmother, mother, daughter and now granddaughter. Superior Fruit hold friends and family in high regard and this is how they see their customers. The shop is seen as central to the community and the lifeblood of Graceville. Superior fruit are passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables. When you shop at a fruit shop, you are getting a dedicated person who lovingly goes to the market EVERY DAY and sells you the product at the shop directly on the shelves… At Superior Fruit you chat to any of the team about what’s in season, why a particular variety is better than another. The Maniatis Family along with the whole team behind Superior Fruit encourage you to come in and explore, let the products inspire you to head home and create! Home delivery options available, call the team at Superior Fruit or visit for more information.

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