If you are looking for a local fruit shop which offers good, old fashion country hospitality, impeccable service and the best quality produce, look no further than Tewantin Market Garden.  This close knit team have been providing locals with the finest produce including fresh fruit and vegetables, gourmet treats, fresh juices and other items to meet their customer's changing tastes and needs . Whether you’re preparing for a traditional Sunday roast or looking for fresh fruit and vegies to pop in the kid’s lunchboxes, you’ll find everything you need at Tewantin Market Garden. All of their local produce is sourced from the highest quality, straight from the Brisbane Produce Markets at Rocklea, so you can count on the finest fare all year round. And if on the off chance they don’t have what you’re looking for, the staff love a challenge and will do their absolute best to find it for you. There's a real sense of community when you walk through the doors at Tewantin Market Garden, a true local icon, that has been serving locals and the wider community for many years. You can also access their fresh foods and products so much easier by downloading their new App for online ordering. You can see the beautiful store for yourself or follow their news and specials on their Facebook page or website.

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