Retailer Profile – The Floreat Market

The Floreat Market is a family-owned and operated business with a long and proud history in the fresh produce industry. Owners Mark Kidd and Anthony Pullella are brothers-in-law who were both raised in the business by parents Leo and Tina Pullela, who brought their first fruit and vegetable store in 1970. The brothers-in-law entered the business in 1987, and their passion for fresh produce has never waned; today, they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their store and their customer’s dinner tables.

Today, the brothers-in-law pride themselves on having the best quality fresh produce in Western Australia, which means hand-selecting all they produce they sell and only working with reputable local growers. After working hard to build strong relationships between the store and suppliers, growers know the high standards the team at Floreat Market expect, helping them to provide their customers with superior, market-fresh products that have maximum life and optimum flavour.

Mark and Anthony know first-hand that to produce a delicious and nutritious meal, it must start with quality ingredients. They pride themselves on sourcing only the very best which has earned them a reputation and numerous accolades within the industry. “Our quality definitely sets us apart from everyone else, and I like to let our produce to the talking,” says Anthony. “When it comes to buying our produce we are always hands, at the markets every single day and only accept the highest standard, this means our customers are consistently buying a product that not only last two weeks in their fridge but one that tastes exceptional too.”

Mark and Anthony also view their staff as a very important part of the business. Many of them have been working for the family for over ten years. They share the same vision and are always happy to make sure customers are getting the right advice, personal service and the ultimate shopping experience.

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